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Posted on 04-27-2017

Mostly I see people in my Ann Arbor chiropractic office for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, headaches, and other neuromusculoskeletal ailments, but it is my experience that many people come to my office hoping to get help with an additional issue – that is, how to enjoy and remain motivated to exercise on a regular basis. For many, my patients included, exercising is difficult to do because it seems tedious and not fun. So, to get more people exercising on a regular basis, here are some tips I offer my patients at my Ann Arbor chiropractic practice.

  1. Probably one the most important things is to have goals. Humans need goals in order to remain motivated to accomplish things (and, in my opinion, to be happy). Sit down and write out reasonable, achievable, and possibly incremental goals that deal specifically with an exercise routine. Then add goals that deal with the results you want to accomplish, like feeling and looking healthier. Post your goals so that you see them throughout the day. This could include keeping them on your phone.

  2. Find inspirational quotes that help keep you motivated to reach your exercise goals. Post these quotes so you can be inspired by them throughout the day.

  3. Choose forms of exercise that you enjoy. Yes, you can find some sort of exercise that you enjoy. Think of playing a sport, dancing, biking, hiking/walking, or flying a kite. If there is more than one of these “enjoyable” activities, participate in as many as possible. I like to go to the gym to dribble around a basketball and shoot baskets, and I also enjoy bicycle riding.

  4. Make sure you are doing different exercises. Don't do the same exercise routine each time you work out. Change things up. Try real variation in the types of exercising you are doing, from cardio exercise to weight training to stretching/flexibility to balance exercises.

  5. Some people like to exercise with other people. If you are one of these people, you should sign up for an exercise class, like Zumba or kick boxing or one of many others. By trying out different classes, you could find something you love doing. Possibly hire a personal trainer, or find a buddy to exercise with.

  6. Psych yourself into having fun while exercising. Remember that exercise is good for you on all levels and will improve your quality of life.

  7. Make sure to have a regular exercise schedule. This will make it much easier to commit to exercising.

If you have any questions about this blog post, chiropractic, neck pain, back pain, or headaches I can be reached at my Ann Arbor chiropractic office at mgtannenbaum@hotmail.com.

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