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Posted on 03-12-2017

Back pain. Most people will experience it at some point in their life. As a matter of fact, in the U.S., approximately 50 billion is spent annually on direct and indirect cost of back pain (according to the Journal of Joint and Bone Surgery in 2004). Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work. More than any other ailments we see at our chiropractic office in Ann Arbor, we see back pain. I could go on here, but I imagine you already know, or can see, that back pain is a major issue for people in our country (and around the world).

Here are some tips we give our patients at Tannenbaum Chiropractic in Ann Arbor to reduce back pain.

* Increase your flexibility.

* Increase your core strength.

* Avoid heavy lifting.

* Avoid high heels.

* If you smoke, stop.

* Work to make your posture the best it can be.

* Make sure your work/office setup is ergonomically correct.

* Make sure your sitting arrangements at your home are ergonomically correct. For example, ergonomically correct where you eat your meals and in your living room.

* Make sure you have a high-quality mattress and pillow(s).

* Get regular chiropractic adjustments and, if your back hurts, don't wait to go to the chiropractor.

* Make sure your lifting technique is not promoting back pain or injury.

We at Tannenbaum Chiropractic hope you can avoid back pain by following these recommendations. However, if you do get back pain (or neck pain) chiropractic is considered, for most cases, to be the best way to get rid of it, and of course chiropractic doesn't use drugs or surgery.

Any questions about this blog post, chiropractic, neck pain, back pain or headaches can be directed to me at mgtannenbaum@hotmail.com.

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