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Posted on 04-18-2016

Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr. Mike Tannenbaum, discusses different types of headaches.

 As a chiropractor and at my Ann Arbor chiropractic office I see a lot people with headaches. It’s evident to me that many people don't realize there are different types of headaches. With that in mind, here I would like to clarify some of the different types of  headaches.

 Tension headaches: The most common type of headache. The sufferer often feels achy pressure in the head, temple, sinus areas and sometimes around the eyes. These headaches generally last no more then a few hours.

 Migraine headaches: Often are the result of triggers such as light, smells and certain foods. Migraine headaches can cause moderate to severe sharp pain and be accompanied by visual disturbances and hypersensitivity to noise and light. Migraines can last for days.

 Sinus headaches: Generally caused by a preexisting sinus infection. Often the symptoms are pain in the forehead, bridge of nose and cheek bones. Sinus headaches are not as common as most of the other types of headaches.

 Cluster headaches: Happen basically at the same time everyday and can be repeated one to three times a day. These headaches are often associated with a severe pain in one eye and sometimes on one side of the head. These headaches do not last as long as migraine headaches.

 Even though all of these headaches are caused by different things, I have noticed a common theme and that is that almost all chronic headache suffers have some misalignment of their neck bones. Furthermore, I believe, because chiropractic works to realign spinal bones, chiropractic is very effective in getting rid of headaches (including the worst type of headaches, cluster and migraine headaches).

 I'm always happy when patients choose chiropractic to help them get rid of headaches as I know how well chiropractic works as a treatment for headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches, you should visit a chiropractor.

 If you have questions about chiropractic my Ann Arbor office email is mgtannenbaum@hotmail.com.

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