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Posted on 03-22-2016

~~Another blog post from the desk of Ann Arbor chiropractor, Michael Tannenbaum, D.C.

As a chiropractor I often get questions about being overweight and its impact the bodies health. My answer(s) is being overweight can cause a lot of damage to the health of the body. Being overweight is a huge problem in our society. Over 60% of adults over 20 years old are considered overweight and over 30% are considered obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The following conditions are often related to being overweight and these conditions are even more prevalent for those who are obese: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and reproductive problems.

Listed below are some of the problems related to people being overweight that I treat or deal with as a chiropractor in my Ann Arbor office.
Back Pain: Studies have shown that people that are overweight are more likely to have chronic low back pain.
Spinal Column Problems: It has been shown that people that are overweight are more likely to have surgery due to degenerative spinal bone issues, and spinal disc issues.
Neck Pain: Being overweight has been shown to be a contributing factor to neck and upper back pain.
Knee Pain: It has been shown that being overweight is a contributing factor to knee joint degeneration that can lead to knee pain.
Osteoarthritis: People that are overweight are more likely to get osteoarthritis.
Poor Posture: It has been demonstrated that being overweight is a contributing factor to having poor posture.

In my Ann Arbor chiropractic office I regularly see all the above listed muskuloskeketal symptoms that often result from being overweight. As a chiropractor, I feel it is my duty to talk to my overweight patients about healthful ways to lose weight so that they may decrease the likelyhood of health problems.

If you have any questions about this blog post, chiropractic, back pain, neck pain or headaches I can be reached at my Ann Arbor chiropractic office at mgtannenbaum@hotmail.com.

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