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Posted on 11-10-2015

~~Here's another blog post from Ann Arbor chiropractor Michael Tannenbaum, D.C.

Some people compare chiropractic to dentistry as they are similar in a number of ways. However, some of these people denounce chiropractic by saying, “I think it's wrong that chiropractors want you to go regularly for chiropractic treatments and to do so for the rest of your lives”. You don't however hear these people complain about the fact dentists push people to have regular dental care for the rest of their lives. In questioning regular on-going chiropractic care these people are implying that it is bad to go a chiropractor for the rest of one's life or at least that it is unnecessary. With this in mind, let's compare chiropractic and dentistry. The fact is, even with regular brushing and flossing of your teeth your not cleaning 100% of the surface of your teeth; some say your reaching only 70% of the surface. So, often after brushing and flossing there is bacteria left behind on the teeth that over time will cause the teeth to degenerate. So, on a regular periodic basis you go to a dentist to have your teeth cleaned completely (100%) in order to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Now, on a daily basis, your spine experiences “trauma” that comes with the activists of daily living, such as using poorly designed chairs or mattresses, long car rides, lifting incorrectly, etc. These “traumas” have an accumulative affect that will initially cause the bones of your spine to misalign that will, if not addressed, cause the spine to degenerate to a greater extent and faster then it should (and by the way, unlike teeth you can't replace your spine) causing your whole body ill health . Therefore, it is imperative that people go to chiropractors on a maintenance (periodic and regular) basis to maintain the alignment of their spine.  (There are studies that show a direct correlation with the degeneration of the spine and overall decline of the bodies health.) So, in summary, this idea of ongoing regular care for your teeth and spine should be encouraged and not denounced.

If you haven’t been to a chiropractor in some time you should visit our office in Ann Arbor. At our Ann Arbor office we promote maintenance chiropractic care that we believe you should continue through out your life. We believe, at our Ann Arbor chiropractic office, that regular visits to your chiropractor will help you maintain your overall health.

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