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Posted on 10-04-2015

Too many people lead a sedentary life void of exercise. This has led to a high rate of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, muskuloskelatal problems and a variety of other health problems. Many people refuse to exercise because they say it's too difficult. Well, compared to the health problems incurred by not exercising I would say exercising is in the long run much easier and will lead to a more satisfying less difficult life. For those that say exercise is too difficult a simple and easy way to get good exercise is to walk. No more complicated then that. Thirty minuets a day is all you need. No gym membership or fancy work out cloths needed. Walking for exercise does require, however, that you do a couple of things to get the most exercise benefit from it.

  1. Walk briskly and as you become accustomed to your pace next time out walk a little faster.

  2. Have good posture. That is, head above shoulders, shoulders above hips, hips above ankles.

  3. You should be relaxed as you walk.

  4. Try to keep abdominal muscles tight.

  5. Use good quality walking shoes.

    Now, feeling some soreness in the muscles of your legs when you first begin your walking exercise routine is perfectly normal. If you do feel some soreness after a couple of weeks of your walking you should consider going to a chiropractor to make sure your pelvis is properly aligned. Also, a chiropractor should be consulted if your walking routine is causing you back pain, neck pain, ankle or foot pain. All these conditions could be a result of misalignment of the bones in your musculoskeletal system.

Ok, so what are the benefits of having a regular walking exercise routine.

  1. Reduces chances of cardiovascular disease.

  2. Reduces chance of diabetes,

  3. Burns calories.

  4. Improves mood.

  5. Improves balance and coordination.

  6. Improves bone strength.

  7. Reduces possibilities of osteoporosis.

  8. Improves blood pressure.

    In addition, and as a side note, walking is in someways a better form of exercise then running in that it causes less wear and tear on the joints of your body.

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