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Posted on 08-09-2015

~~From the office of Ann Arbor Chiropractor Michael Tannenbaum, D.C.
Why do you have routine maintenance performed on your car? To maintain the health and functioning of the car and to try to get the car to run at as close to 100% of it's potential. With out this routine maintenance your car will likely fall apart. The same thinking should be used when thinking about your spinal column. You should have routine maintenance performed on your spinal column to make sure it's running as well as possible. The spine is critical to the short and long term functioning of your body. The spine protects and houses the spinal cord and allows information to get from the brain to the body with out interference. The spine also helps support your body as it moves though daily activities. If the spine is not healthy, not functioning as it should, there will likely be interference to the transmission of information from the brain to the body causing ill health of the systems, tissues and organs of your body. Also, you will likely experience all or some of the following: back pain, neck pain, pelvis pain, and headaches. The maintenance of the spine that I'm referring to is regular chiropractic treatment to make sure  your spinal bones are properly aligned. (The spinal bones misalign from the normal daily activities of living and of course, from trauma like falls and auto accidents.) This will make your spinal column function as close to 100% as possible, reduce interference of the nerve impulses from your brain to your body, reduce physical pain your may feel and allow you to reach as close to 100% of your health potential as possible.

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