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Posted on 10-05-2014

It's important to understand the basic functions of the brain as the brain is the organ that is responsible for the control and coordination of our bodies. The brain is obviously a wonderfully complex and sophisticated organ. Here, I will give you the basics of what the brain does. Of course, the brain would be of little use if you didn't have the nerve system as a communication link/pathway between the brain and your body. As you may know, chiropractors attempt to make sure that that link works as well as possible by minimizing nerve interference and so, the body can function as close to %100 as possible.

The basics of the brain (as I explain it) consists of three major areas.

The first area is the brain stem or sometimes called the inner brain is the deepest part of the brain. This area of the brain works to control and coordinate the function of all tissues, organs and systems and how one perceives basic desires such as appetite, anger, pleasure and basic drives such as the sexual drive.

The second area of the brain is the cerebral hemispheres. This area of the brain controls what some call the higher functions of the brain. Some of these functions are consciousness, mood, behavior, ability to learn, past and current memory, judgment, and ability to calculate. Also, this area of the brain takes in the large amounts of information the body receives from the environment.

The third area of the brain is the cerebellum sometimes called the hind brain. This area of the brain controls the bodies fine muscle movement, the bodies physical coordination and ability to balance. In other words, this area of the brain controls all the functions needed for normal smooth physical movement throughout daily activities.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the parts of the brain and how important the brain is in our ability to function.

Don forget, if have any questions about chiropractic, back pain, neck pain, tingling/numbness or headaches don't hesitate to contact me at Tannenbaum Chiropractic in Ann Arbor. The phone number is 734-929-0444 and the email address is tchiropractic@hotmail.com.

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