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Posted on 07-15-2014

From The Desk of Ann Arbor Chiropractor Dr. Mike Tannenbaum, D.C.

I think to many chiropractic is bit of a mystery. Often people don't know what to expect if they were go to a chiropractic office and don't know what chiropractic can do for them. Well, let me explain what to expect when you go to a typical chiropractic office and what chiropractic offers. As a disclaimer, there is some variation from one chiropractic office to another in their administrative procedures and what health and wellness care is offered. So, when you enter the chiropractic office, as a first time patient in that office, you'll probably be greeted by a friendly front office person who will have you sign in at the front desk. The office itself will probably look like any other health care kind of office/clinic with a front office seating area along with a desk for the front office staff. The front office staff will have you fill out paperwork which much will be much like you would fill out on a first visit to at medical doctors office. The paper work you will fill out includes a detailed history form. After filling out the paperwork, the front desk person (sometimes called a chiropractic assistant) will take you to a consultation room where you will meet with the chiropractor to discuss you health history, including why you are seeking help from the chiropractor. Also, the chiropractor will explain what to expect during this first visit and possibly explain what to expect at future visits. The chiropractor will then take you to an exam room where he or she will perform a thorough physical exam with a focus on musculskeletal and nerve related issues. Once the exam is completed, the chiropractor may or may not suggest that x-rays be taken. If x-rays are necessary then you will be directed to the x-ray room where you will put on a gown in a private dressing area. Once you are dressed, the doctor or chiropractic assistant will return and perform the necessary x-rays. If your visit to the chiropractor necessitates that you be treated immediately the chiropractor will review your x-rays and once that is completed the chiropractor will have you get back into your street cloths and direct you to go to the treatment room. If your case does not necessitate immediate treatment, then the chiropractor will have you get back into you street cloths and depending on the chiropractors preference will treat you then or have you go to the front desk to set up your next visit which is often called the report of findings (ROF) visit. At the ROF visit the chiropractor will give you a report based on the findings from the first visit, show you your x-rays and give you a recommendation for care. After the report of findings the doctor will accompany to the treatment room where he will perform another treatment on you. He will let you know that future visits to his office will take about 10 minutes, where each visit a treatment will be performed.

The basic things that chiropractic is very good at helping is getting rid of musculoskeletal and nerve related problems such as neck pain, back pain, tingling and numbness in the arms legs, hands and feet and getting rid of headaches. Chiropractic has been shown to be helpful in other areas as well. The basic premise is because chiropractic works to remove nerve interference in the body and that all tissues, organs and systems of the body require nerve innervation in order to function then chiropractic can potentially help heal and make healthier all parts of the body.

If you have any questions about this post please feel free to call me at 734-929-0444.

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