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Posted on 07-01-2014

From The Desk of Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Mike Tannenbaum, D.C.

I'm occasionally asked if Chiropractic treatments are safe. The answer is yes. Statistically, Chiropractic treatments are a shown to be very safe. Unfortunately, rumors or urban legend often state that Chiropractic might not be safe. In reality, however, Chiropractic is known as one of the safest drug free, non-invasive modalities for treating, neck pain, back pain, joint pain of the extremities( arms, legs, hands, feet), headaches, and other neuromusculoskeletal issues. I tell my patients that the reason liability insurance for Chiropractors is so low (compared to that if medical doctors) is due to the fact that the risks associated with Chiropractic treatments are so low. Also, when I'm asked about the safety of Chiropractic I will occasionally respond with a request to name in order from most dangerous to least dangerous: flying on an air plane, getting out of a bath tub, taking an aspirin, being in a thunder storm, getting a Chiropractic adjustment. Usually the person I ask this of will not get the order correct. The correct order is, however, from most dangerous to least dangerous: taking an aspirin, getting out of a bath tub, being in a thunder storm, flying on an airplane, getting a Chiropractic adjustment.

People are most concerned about the safety of Chiropractic when it comes to treating the neck with

Chiropractic. The bottom line is that Chiropractic adjustments of the neck, like all other Chiropractic

adjustments, are considered very safe and work extremely well in removing pain, restoring mobility

and removing muscle tightness. In addition, studies have shown that if an injury were to happen when

a Chiropractic adjustment to the neck was performed, the injury would have occurred to that

individual whether they were in a Chiropractic office or if they where somewhere else. For example,

if the person had gone to the hair salon and had their hair washed they would have experienced the

same injury.

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