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Posted on 06-24-2014

As s Chiropractor in Ann Arbor I have patients that have come to me because they have been injured in an automobile accident. Therefore, I thought it would be good to say a little about why you should seek out a Chiropractor if you have been in an automobile accident.

In a automobile accident the same amount of energy that goes through your car goes through you. So, just imagine the power that causes your car to be damaged in an accident is the same power that jolts/injures your body in that accident. Due to the strong energy that goes through your body when your in a an auto accident, very often you will sustain misaligned bones (subluxations) in your body. If these bones are not realigned then you may have long-term pain and other health problems. An example of this is seen when an individual gets into an accident where they sustain an injury caused by their head and neck quickly flexing and extending (a flexion-extension injury, often called whiplash). Here a number of parts of the neck become injured. One of the most apparent things is that the bones of the neck which are supposed to have a forward arcing curve will often reverse directions resulting in a reversed neck bone curve. This is not good for number of reasons. Now the bones are not in a position to properly support the head and this results in decreased movement of the neck joints which will cause decreased range of motion of the neck and a sense of neck tightness.Even possibly more important here, the nerves that come out between the bones will now likely become irritated, causing pain, muscle tightness, general muscle and bone degeneration and overall body ill health. This is only one example, of what can occur when bones in your body misalign as a result of an automobile accident (or any other body jolting type of accident). So, and the final note here, if your in an automobile accident you should go to a chiropractor soon after the accident to have any misaligned bones realigned.

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